The property purchase sales agreement in the Dominican Republic, Precontract

When buying or selling a property and reaching an agreement with the owner or buyer, there is a contract that is signed in the preliminary stage of buying or selling properties that provides greater certainty about the conclusion of the contract.

This is the purchase agreement contract that is a document in which both parties (Buyer and Seller) commit to certain actions, in the case of the buyer, the promise to buy from him and in the case of the seller the promise to sell.

This contract establishes the characteristics of the agreement reached between both parties for the transaction, that is, I, the buyer, will buy and pay in this way and at this time, and the seller, I will sell and deliver this property in this period of time. time with these characteristics.

This contract is used in real estate transactions when the property to be sold cannot be received immediately or when the necessary resources are not available for the immediate payment of the total agreed price, therefore, a financial entity is used to the remaining payment.

In the latter, a promise of payment by the buyer arises, specifying which part is contributed by the buyer and what part the entity is going to cancel, financial or bank, and by the seller the promise of delivery of the property.

In the case that you have the resources for a full payment and the property can be delivered, then you proceed with the final purchase-sale contract, I leave you access at the bottom to my video where I explain what this contract consists of .

And now you wonder, what information should the purchase agreement contract have?

(a) Full and general names of the parts. If the seller is married, your spouse’s signature will be required.

(b) Cadastral description of the property being sold.

(c) Sale price and method of payment.

(d) Termination clause in case of default of payment, if agreed.

(e) Date of delivery of the property.

(f) List of the legal and environmental verifications that must be carried out with respect to the state of the property and conditioning of payments on the positive result of said verifications.

(g) Obligation of the seller to sign the Purchase Agreement upon receipt of the entire sale price payment.

It is advisable to consult the advice of specialized professionals, such as a lawyer and to speak with the real estate agent to review the contract, since in this way interpretation problems can be avoided and only the necessary clauses that adapt to the requirements would be included in the contract. characteristics of the agreement to be agreed.

Similarly, it is important to highlight that this contract is a mandatory requirement on the part of a financial institution to be able to opt for a mortgage loan.

In conclusion.

A purchase agreement contract is a formal written agreement between the parties that contains a promise of sale and a promise of purchase together with the characteristics of the property, payment terms and delivery date that the transaction will have.

Legal advice from professionals should be requested so as not to omit any important detail that may affect the result of the purchase and sale of the property and, finally, it is a mandatory requirement demanded by banks and financial entities to opt for a mortgage loan.

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