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Know the important tips to buy, rent or sell your property and make the most of the market value in real time.

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Following our important advice - you will make efficient investments to generate greater value of your property in the future.

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For all those who start their career in the real estate world or want to grow as an agent or company.

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Property Tax

Before investing in Real Estate abroad you need to know the taxes you must pay, with our team of professionals you will be able to advise you and all the details to make a safe investment.

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To make a good investment, it is necessary to have knowledge of market prices before making an offer. Let me help you get the best price.

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Every safe investment goes hand in hand with good legal advice, through our team of lawyers, you will have the legal advice you deserve for your peace of mind

Personalized consulting

Let me offer you a free and personalized real estate advice so that you can get the best return on your investment.

Jordi Albertus

I was born in Sabadell near of  Barcelona, Spain and I have lived in Germany for work reasons, I am a real estate professional since 2007. Formed initially in the Relocation area and later in the residential area of Santo Domingo through IAG Global Realty.

In May 2017, I founded Deluxe Realty DR – Prime Living, to serve a luxury product throughout the national territory.

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